The Trop is looking good

Last Sunday I made my first visit, this season, to Tropicana Field. The Rays were playing the Blue Jays, Scott Kazmir facing Roy Halliday. The Trop seems warmer and more fan friendly this year. There is still free parking, free programs and free scorecards.  The Ted Williams hitters museum is a must see. The employees are much more friendly then in the first few years. I try to get to a few games each year, this year I hope to see a few more. The Trop seems to be a joke around MLB, and you hear very few favorable comments. I have trouble understanding, why, that image remains today.



  1. Baseball

    The toughest part to swallow about the Trop early on was the indoor stadium with the ugly turf and the absurd catwalk rings that make for odd rules. I, however have been to the Trop and I do like the stadium. Certainly, i would take an outdoor park over an indoor but the Trop has its nice parts and the most important part is that the club inside is REALLY improving. The new ownership is headed in the right direction. The youth is talented and Akinori Iwamura is legit early on.


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